Monosticha Catonis, Praefatio

Incipiunt dicta Marci Catonis ad filium suum.

Cum animadverterem quam plurimos graviter in via morum errare, succurrendum opinioni eorum et consulendum famae existimavi, maxime ut gloriose viverent et honorem contingerent. Nunc te, fili carissime, docebo, quo pacto morem animi tui componas. Igitur praecepta mea ita legito, ut intellegas; legere enim et non intelligere neglegere est.

Marcus Cato, a reference ostensibly to either of two luminaries from Roman history named M. Porcius Cato, i.e. either Cato Censorius (234-149 BCE) or Cato Uticensis (95-46 BCE). Neither is the author of this collection, though the fact that the former is known to have written a collection of maxims or that the latter is closely associated with the sententia-mind Stoics likely contributed to the traditional attributions.

animadvertere, to notice
consulere, be mindful of, watch out for
contingere, to obtain
existimare, to think
neglegere, slack off
opinio, way of thinking
praeceptum, teaching
quo pacto, how
succurrere, help

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