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Tin Latin Reader

Most of my attention these days has been devoted to the Intermediate Latin class that I’m teaching this Fall. I have been developing a reader for the class called the Tin Latin Reader which builds on the kind of readings that I had started blogging at DIY Classics. Once the class readings are more or […]

Monosticha Catonis 23

Cui des, videto.

Κατωνος Γνωμαι 7

Ἀγαθοῖς ὁμίλει.

Monosticha Catonis 22

Mutuum da.

Κατωνος Γνωμαι 6

Τοῖς ἀγοραίοις νόμοις ἕπου.

Monosticha Catonis 21

Neminem riseris.

Κατωνος Γνωμαι 5

Τὸ δοθὲν τήρει.