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Ecce Consilia Obliqua

I have just finished a Latin translation of the first deck of Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies. It is called Consilia Obliqua. The text is based on this list from Gregory Taylor’s website on the cards. I will be adding more information to this site on the translation in the upcoming weeks. Enjoy—or […]

Tin Latin Reader

Most of my attention these days has been devoted to the Intermediate Latin class that I’m teaching this Fall. I have been developing a reader for the class called the Tin Latin Reader which builds on the kind of readings that I had started blogging at DIY Classics. Once the class readings are more or […]

Salve mundum! Χαίρε κόσμε!

I’ve wanted to start something like this for the past few years—a lightweight “reader” of classical literature based on a multiple-perspective model, i.e. an approach which handles and re-handles small selections based on the four core language skills of reading, writing and listening on their own and in different combinations. An experiment in progress which […]