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Aesopi Fabula de Vulpe et Leone

I just realized how text-heavy the diyclassics site is. So here’s a fable from Adamus Knopff’s 1551 edition of Aesop, which as the title page notes are elegantissimis eiconibus veras animalium species ad vivum adumbrantes. The volume also includes the four-line fables of Gabria, the Batrachomyomachia, the Galeomyomachia—wasn’t aware of this one, a battle of […]

Praefatio ad Distichorum Catonis Librum Alterum

The prefatory poem to the second book of the Disticha Catonis is a wonderful example of an ad fontes style of education. Want to know about agriculture? Read Virgil. Pharmacology? Macer. War? Lucan. Love? Ovid. Of course, if you want to know about how live should be lived, read the distichs. Of particular interest in […]

Ovidii Metamorphoseon Libri Primi Initium

I’m beginning a workshop this week on Book IV of Ovid’s Fasti. This work, as far as I can tell, was not translated into Greek at any point. Still, I’d like to include in this space some of the spirit of Ovid with the opening of his Metamorphoses—composed around the same time as the Fasti—with […]