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jPharr: An Experiment in Web Layout and Classical Texts

At last weekend’s “Publishing Text in a Digital Age” workshop, there was (understandably!) a lot of discussion about the potential benefits of born-digital editions over traditional print volumes. One thread that came up again and again was the legacy of the codex and book design in web editions. E.g. Should digital editions imitate book pagination? […]

Monosticha Catonis 23

Cui des, videto.

Monosticha Catonis 22

Mutuum da.

Monosticha Catonis 20

Irascere ob rem noli.

Monosticha Catonis 19

Blandus esto.

Monosticha Catonis 18

Familiam cura.

Monosticha Catonis 16

Libros lege.